Survey shows that average rent in Brussels is above 700 euros

It has been published the annual survey on private dwellings’ rents in Brussels. The survey takes into consideration the 1.5% of all rental housing in the Brussels Region, which means around 5,000 dwellings. The result is that in 2018 the average monthly rent for dwellings is estimated at 739 euros.

Moreover, the survey shows that shared housing is becoming increasingly important. In fact, 11% of housing units are rented on a shared flat. In this case, dwellings are rented at a higher price than other dwellings of a similar comfort level.


Toa Heftiba @heftiba


On average, tenants stay a little less than six years in their homes. Three-quarters of the tenants have plans to stay in Brussels after moving, 14% want to go abroad, while 11% want to move to Flanders or Wallonia.

30% of tenants say they plan to buy a dwelling within a maximum of six years. They are mainly couples aged between 25 and 44 and have two earnings.

Rents in Brussels have increased by almost 20% since 2004. This percentage is higher in some municipalities such as Schaerbeek or Evere. Only 25% of households spend less than 30% of their budget on renting their homes.