The largest open-air swimming pool in Brabant Walloon: Bois des Rêves

The provincial domain of Bois des Rêves in Ottigines hosts since 25 years ago the larges open-air swimming pool in Walloon Brabant. Between 2012 and 2017, the average yearly number of visitors amounted up to 39,000 visitors in the summer.

With the view to improve the current infrastructure, Walloon Brabant has the goal of setting up two new large swimming pools by 2020. The main objective is to provide the maximum comfort to visitors, whose numbers continue to increase every year.

One of the main technical improvements will be a moveable, transparent ceiling which will cover the swimming pool whenever necessary. This will extend the swimming pool’s current opening period of June to September and needless to say, the installation of the ceiling could allow visitors to come during rainy periods.

Bois de Rêves
Source: Bois de Rêves

Bois des Rêves is located in the heart of Walloon Brabant, a few kilometres from Brussels.

It is open throughout the year, offering a variety of activities for adults and children alike, to be enjoyed on one’s own or to be shared with family and/or friends.

For those who enjoy walking and nature, sports lovers and fishing enthusiasts fall under its spell. On fine summer days many people enjoy the pool.

A perfect place for families to relax, the Park has a playground, barbecue pitches and a cafeteria.