“The law applies equally for everyone” — PM Charles Michel to Prince Laurent

Prince Laurent has written a letter to the Prime Minister explaining that he believes the government must intervene to force Libya to repay the money invested in 2008 by the former ASBL of Prince Laurent, GSDT.

“The law is the same for everyone and it is the court that apply it,” replied on Wednesday the Prime Minister, Charles Michel, to Prince Laurent regarding the execution of a judicial decision.

Laurent of Belgium and Charles Michel


In this letter, the King’s brother claims to be a victim of “discrimination” and is particularly targeting Foreign Minister, Didier Reynders. The prince has tried for several years, without success, to obtain the execution of a judgment in his favor by the Court of Appeal of Brussels in 2014. Several million euros would be at stake in an unprecedented reforestation operation in Libya in which the prince’s ASBL, GSDT, participated.

The prince therefore puts the government on notice to intervene in the execution of the judicial decision rendered in his favor and “to make the same efforts to obtain from Libyan officials the execution of the judgment of the Court of Justice”.

“The Belgian state must apply the United Nations resolutions and the regulations directly applicable in this matter,” added the Prime Minister before recalling that the prince’s lawyers were informed of this situation between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.