The SNCB announces new ticket fares starting as of February 1st

The average price of SNCB standard and weekend tickets (first and second class) will decrease by 1.89% as of the 1st of February. The rate for home-work commuting passes and school passes will increase by 1.18%, compared to an average adjustment of 0.29% for all other products. STIB and TEC services will not be increased.

At the end of December, SNCB had announced an average annual adjustment of 0.69% for all of its fares, which is less than half of the health index (1.64%). The tickets on the TEC network in Wallonia will not experience any increase in fares.



With this decision, the Walloon government wants to defend the attraction of public transport as a mobility solution. In Brussels, ticket prices and subscriptions of the STIB will not increase this year either.

The last increase dates back to 2013, when the monthly subscription had increased from 47.5 to 49 euros. The annual subscription costs 499 euros.