The resilience of a Syrian refugee child bride

To start off the new year, we share with you this week the next comic in SB OverSeas’ ‘Just Married’ series.

Our storyteller, audiovisual artist Félix Brassier and creator of the series shares his thoughts:

“The story of Mervat is one out of the thousands of life stories we face regularly. Through her fight for freedom, safety and recognition, Mervat have given much more than an example, she has proven that even in the worse conditions women can still find a way out to live their dreams. I focused on the universality of her story which is for me, a strong and powerful message to give to girls all over the world. Even with all its sadness and sorrow, I wanted to emphasize on how resilient and strong girls have to be, that’s why I choose to have a more colorful story which is also illustrating Mervat’s creations.”

“Just Married”: Mervat’s Story

“Just Married”: Mervat’s Story

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