The Treehuggers win the Hêbê Cup

On Sunday February 17th, the Treehuggers won the Hêbê football cup after a successful tournament.

And the winners of the Hêbê Cup are… the Treehuggers. In addition to having won the league a couple of weeks ago, another success came up for those indoor footballers.

A quick recap: The Hêbê football competitions lie within the Hêbê association, which aims to provide expats and locals alike with the opportunity to participate in some activities. Every semester, 48 football teams and about 700 players (around 600 men and 100 women) from all over the world try to win both the League and the Cup.



All the teams must be co-ed and both genders must be playing anytime in each game. The games, which take place on indoor pitches, involve 6 players in each team, and the goals the women score count as double points.



While there had been some games earlier, Sunday was the last day of the Winter Cup 2019. The round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final were held at VUB. The competition was intense, as five games ended in penalties. The final game, between the Treehuggers and the AS Soreta was one of them.



The AS Soreta had already been qualified for the final during the penalties vs. El Santo Subito, after a very tough game. For their part, the Treehuggers were a bit more relaxed vs. the Hairy Canaries (3-1).

The final game was very tight. Although the Treehuggers quickly scored, the game began more balanced and the AS Soreta also scored. 1-1 was how the match ended. While the three 5 first shooters (3 and 2) scored during the penalties, the Treehuggers’ goalkeeper saved the last one.. and the Treehuggers won.



Several players had a drink to celebrate this international and friendly competition. Brussels Express will soon interview some Hêbê League protagonists.

And the next championship will start soon.