Things you see in New York City

New York City has a funny way of hijacking your attention. It could be a sidewalk art exhibit, an unusually designed building, a graffiti on the wall, a doodle on the street, a poster on the subway, or a simple shop sign. It makes NYC a perfect place for anyone who’s on vacation and can’t seem to detach from work and other concerns back home. This city simply won’t leave you alone until it has your full attention. It’s both endearing and annoying that way.

Every city or place has a lot of things to say. But not all of them really communicates with you. Now, New York is a city that has so much to express and will not stop until it gets the message across. It will provoke thought, induce laughter, even rattle your sensibilities. It ultimately reminds you to take a pause, pay attention, stay in the present moment, and appreciate the beauty and fun of the here and now. It’s just what makes NYC, NYC.

Here are some ways the Big Apple has been hijacking my attention and reminding me that I’m on vacation these past few days.


Okay, good to know.


Okay, if you say so.


So this is how it’s going to be when machines take over the world.


Don’t cha, babe.


Something to ponder while sitting on a bench at Central Park.


Waiter, one order of disco fries please. Alors, on danse.


Read the handwriting on the projector!


More awesome, you mean.


“We’re not sure. We haven’t checked with the other cafes yet.”


Don’t forget, it’s Mother’s Day soon.


Perfect. I’m in the mood for some et cetera.


Please stay in business forever.


Ladies, unite.


Have mercy on the plumber, will you?


Where you can have your nails done while checking your email.


So do we. We’re just on vacation at the moment, okay.


Right, mom?


Is it 3 PM yet?!


Pu*%#@, je t’aime aussi!