Tourism is Back on Track!

Walking around Brussels is always relaxing and fascinating: the streets, the squares, the parks always hide incredible spots that are only waiting for you! They can animate your weekend with parties, enrich your afternoons with art exhibitions, wake you up in the morning with warm coffee or help you get rid of the hangover on Sunday mornings, with brunch, activities or expositions. Nonetheless, there are days in which you don’t feel like hitting the streets to hunt for new cafes or bars and you may want a quick and easy suggestion. In this case, you should definitively have a look at a new platform: Take Me to Brussels.

The website has been developed by the Belgian Federal Government, to boost tourism and help information circulate among visitors and expats. It also works pretty well for locals too, since it provides a lot of hints and opportunities, depending on what you’re looking for.

The platform has a very simple and clean layout and it greets the visitor with the beginning of a sentence: “My Brussels is ____ ”. The visitor is free to choose among different adjectives to complete it, visualizing in that way all the opportunities available. Therefore, Brussels could be creative, delicious, family friendly, healthy, hipster, romantic, serious business and urban. For instance, if you are planning a romantic weekend with your loved one, checking out the romantic section could suggest you some nice activities and spots, such as candlelit dinners, romantic bars or places where you can see the stars together. On the other hand, if you are in the city for a couple of days and you are looking for some culture, art and fun, you can check the suggestions on the newest exhibitions or on the best concerts in town.

Brussels is your oyster and you should enjoy every moment in it, through its art, its eclectic lifestyle and the many, surprising opportunities around. Seize the moment: check out Take me to Brussels and spice up your days in this incredible city!