Transkids: a foundation supporting transgender children and their families

Transkids, the first Belgian French-speaking foundation dedicated to supporting transgender children and their parents, has just been set up.

Transgender issues are sometimes misunderstood in our societies. When children question their own identity and gender, families might be unprepared and it can lead to disastrous situations.


To try to tackle this, Transkids has been created.

What’s the goal of this foundation? It is both about supporting and informing transgender children and their parents, and it also aims to increase awareness about transgender issues. The foundation provides a forum for transgender children and their parents to interact and engage with each other, which makes it possible for everyone to understand what their life is like.


The foundation will hold several events over the upcoming months. For example, a meeting is scheduled next week, and Transkids will also be taking children to the beach for a day trip. Furthermore, the foundation will be active during the Pride Festival, ahead of Gay Pride in Brussels.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Transkids does, please have a look at the Facebook page.