TV5 Monde Embarquement: Anhui, China

Starting this week, TV5 Monde, the international French television, will be broadcasting a documentary about Anhui, an east province from China.

This documentary premiered last September 21 on TV5 Monde, and will continue to be broadcast in 43 Europe countries and, later on, four other continents will follow. While being broadcasted during 36 months, this documentary will reach an audience of 21 million people all over the world.

China changed deeply in recent years. At an incredible speed. The transition from a rural China to an urban and metropolitan one made possible the creation of a new landscape with an avant-garde architecture.



“What is fascinating in Anhui is to see that an urban and rural China coexist in perfect harmony,” explained António Buscardini, author of the documentary. “We discovered in Anhui multiple surprising links with France. For instance, the charming village of Tangmo. In fact, thanks to the support of the former French President, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Tangmo is the first place, outside Europe, to be integrated in the prestigious Gites de France network.”

To increase the number of European tourists is of great importance for the Chinese authorities. “Today, tourism has become one of the most important ways to enhance mutual understanding between Chinese and European citizens and thus promote Sino-European relations in the new era. In this framework, more and more Europeans decide to settle in China. A good example of that is the story of Philippe, a French expatriate, who lives in China for years, and he’s now the host of a well known series back in China,” said Zhang Ming, Ambassador of China to the European Union.

Note: In the framework of the first China-EU Sports Day, this documentary will be screened next Wednesday 25/09 at the Schuman square in Brussels, Belgium.