Two Belgian sparkling wines win medals at the World’s Best Sparking Wines Competition

Two Belgian varieties won medals in the 12th International competition for the Best Sparkling Wines in the World. Raymond Leroy and the Vineyard of Agaises both secured silver medals, the first for his Cuvée Franco Dragone 2009 and the second for Ruffus Brut. Martin Bacquaert was also awarded a medal for his “Bacquaert Brut” created at his “Entre-Deux-Monts” estate in Heuvelland, not far from the French border.

Belgian sparkling wines cannot officially be called “champagne”, but they enjoy the same qualities and are increasingly successful. Belgian production is certainly no secret and could even reach a million bottles in 2020.


Although the name Belgian champagne cannot be used, the product does use the traditional method. The grapes are harvested by hand, the wine-making process is carried out in temperature-controlled vats and the second fermentation takes place in bottles stacked horizontally for 15 months before disgorgement.