Unemployment continues to fall in Brussels

102,460 young people (18-24 years old) live in Brussels. Among them, less than 8,000 are job seekers. In June, the youth unemployment rate in Brussels is 20.6%, which corresponds to 7,878 young job seekers. We have to go back to June 1990 to find such a low level.

This is 657 fewer people than last year (-7.7%), 1.612 fewer than in June 2016 (-17.0%) and 2.516 fewer than in June 2015 (-24.2% ). The number of young job seekers decreased by 34.9% (-4.222); one-third less since 2014.

The overall unemployment rate in Brussels stands at 15.8%. This corresponds to 88,541 job seekers, a decrease of 3,019 people compared to 2017 (-3,3%). This is the lowest level in 15 years. Compared to 2016, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 7,902 people (-8,2%) and by 11,515 people compared to 2015 (-11,5%). And since June 2014, the number of job seekers decreased by 19.208. In other words, a decrease of 17.8% in 4 years.

Source: actiris.brussels