Video: Undercover Police arrests three suspects at gun point near Schuman

A police operation resulting in the arrest of three suspects took place on Tuesday August 13th at 15:05 at Avenue Cortenbergh 50, about 50 meters away from Schumann Roundabout, and 300 meters away from a EU Commission building.

Three male-suspects held at a gun point by several police officers were instructed to step out of their car and to lie down on the ground, before they were arrested and driven off in undercover police cars.

The first suspect’s identity is heard to be confirmed on the scene by an officer while walking towards his arrest, while another one of the suspects was blindfolded.

The car of the arrested men -a Mercedes- was driven away by a member of the undercover police.

The operation was around 6 minutes in length without any casualties. The eye-witnesses confirmed the police officers’ professional way in completing the operation.