Theo Francken reacts on Twitter to comments from Brussels band Juicy

Juicy, a band from Brussels, performed last Saturday during the “Het Groot Verlof” festival.

The festival took place at the Grand Place in Leuven,

Aside from their hits, the group also played the song “Did not Knock”, which was debated to address a bill concerning home visits when Theo Francken was in power.


Theo Francken, Former Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, commented on Twitter and Facebook after their performance. He stated: “According to these ladies, who are paid by the City of Leuven for a free concert at Groot Verlof,  I’m an ‘asshole’, and that’s why they dedicate a song to me … Ah yes, this band is called Juicy or something like that.”


The two singers responded quickly.  “This morning our dedication to Theo Francken was heard. First we would like to remind him that if we were paid by the city of Leuven to play at the festival “Het Groot Verlof”, it’s because it’s our job. And it is not because we are paid with public money that we are in agreement with the policies implemented. Our song “Did not knock” dedicated to Theo Francken denounces the cruelty of the bill to allow searches without arrest warrant. We want to denounce all the initiatives of the state and Mr. Francken to prevent mutual assistance. We will continue to write and sing our disagreements with the policies by which we do not feel represented.”