When snow turns into art: 7 snow masterpieces from around the world

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when life pelts you with snow, make lots of art.

Every winter, snow inspires a flurry of creativity. Snow artists transform tons of ice into masterpieces.

It was no different this year despite the pandemic and the lockdowns. Proof that nothing can suppress art and ingenuity.

As German visual artist Gerhard Richter once said, “Art is the highest form of hope.”

Here are some of the world’s most stunning snow creations this year. Which one is your favorite?

Footprints in the snow, Finland

Eleven pairs of feet stamped their way into conjuring this amazing snowshoe art in a golf course near Helsinki.

It took all of two days to complete this artwork, which measures about 160 meters or 525 feet in diameter.

Shoot prints in the snow, Germany

German street artist Alexander Friedrich, who goes by the name Autark, unleashed his creative juices on this parking lot in Berlin.

More than a hundred leaf patterns were carved into the snow to bring out this lovely work of art.

Flower prints in the snow, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Miles of intentional walking forged this snow masterpiece at the Natural Bridge State Park in Massachusetts.

Artist Danielle Galietti used her feet to draw sinuous floral and lace patterns on the snow, which she considers a giant canvas.

Ginormous snow sculptures, China

Snow art rises larger than life at the annual winter festival in the Chinese city of Harbin.

The international event features some of the world’s largest ice and snow sculptures.

Ice hotel, Canada

In Quebec, a hotel made of ice and snow opens its doors to visitors from January to March.

The only ice hotel in North America, Hôtel de la Glace is constructed out of about 500 tons of ice and over 40,000 tons of snow.

Frosty statues, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Every February, the city of Lake Geneva turns into an outdoor museum of snow art.

Teams of snow artists flock to the city to participate in the U.S. national snow sculpting championship.

The sculpture above was among the winners of this year’s competition.

Geometric snow art, Sweden

Art and geometry dance together in this snow sculpture by German designer Franziska Agrawal.

The artwork is one of the frozen figures on display at the Kiruna Snow Festival.