A group of Gilets Jaunes joined the anti-racist demonstration opposing the March Against Marrakesh

A group of solidary Giles Jaunes announced to have joined the anti-racist demonstration held Sunday in Brussels in response to the “March against Marrakech”, organized by associations of right and extreme right-wing hostile to UN Migration Pact, to oppose “the manipulation of social anger by the far right”.

“For a week, the extreme right has tried to exploit the social anger of the Gilets Jaunes. For a week now, the N-VA has been trying to stifle the social anger of the Gilets Jaunes by diverting from the public debate the social and democratic issues that the movement of is representing,” said the group in a statement.


Gilets Jaunes


“By organizing the ‘March Against Marrakesh’ and contacting the Gilets Jaunes to encourage them to participate, the Vlaams Belang and a series of satellite organizations of the N-VA are clearly trying to divide the movement using the March Against Marrakesh as an excuse,” adds the text.

“Yellow vests are not fooled. Never have the N-VA, the Vlaams Belang, the PP, Nation or any party brought solutions to the problems we denounce. On the contrary, it is these parties that carry destructive proposals for the population and that we fight against. It is these parties that have put in place and supported the measures that make us more precarious today. VAT increase from 6 to 21%? Voted by the N-VA, supported by the PP. Pension at 67? Voted by the N-VA, supported by the Popular Party. Index break that froze wages and reduces purchasing power? Voted by the NVA and the PP,” said the collective.