Pedestrian zone: let the works start!

When you exchange your views on Belgium and Brussels with other expats for a couple of hours, there is absolutely no way to miss the subject of road and renovation works. They are indeed a strong element of the Belgian traditions: you’ll probably have already noticed that many buildings, roads and metro stations have been under renovation for a long time….. Do you remember how much time the works in the Schuman station lasted? And what about the renovation works at the Court of justice?

If you are concerned with the pedestrian zone, no worries! The works started on Monday are not supposed to take such a long time! In order to limit inconveniences and delays, both the city of Brussels and the companies in charge of the tasks have planned the works in a 3-steps approach. The first works have been launched on Monday in the walkways as well as the crossroads with rue l’Évêque and rue Grétry and they should be over before Christmas. Works will then be conducted on benches and rest areas by March. And the central zone is supposed to be completely renovated in June 2018. As there is not a final plan for Place De Brouckère, the timetable of the works of that area is still unknown.

Although the pedestrian zone has been a huge controversial subject over the past two years – as many shop owners have been fighting against this project – it seems that you will soon have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits a pedestrian neighbourhood can offer. In October, the Monnaie centre will also re-open its doors, two years after the works started, and Decathlon will set up a shop there.

It is now only a question of time. You can have a walk in the city centre to have an insight on the show. The renovated pedestrian zone should be completely operational before next summer…. Unless the works take a bit more time.