Belgian Company Prints Chocolate in 3D

Among the many  incredible things Belgium is famous for, there is chocolate.

Chocolate, that sweet, sweet element that makes our days better, cheering us up, helping celebrate important occasions and  comforting us in tough periods. Apparently, for the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb, chocolate also represents a powerful element. It is the substance that brought her to life, transforming her from an omniscient “god-tube” to a sensitive and deep human being, in contact with reality and the pleasures of the world (a great book by the way, it’s called “La Métaphysiques des Tubes” or “The Catcher of Rain”).

Of course, if you walk around Brussels you are going to see quite a lot of specialized shops with appealing windows. Pyramids of bon bons, complicated designs, fancy packages and colorful ribbons will get your attention and will attract you inside. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something different, out of the ordinary, you may want to check out La Miam Factory.

La Miam Factory is a new start up that specialized in laser engraving and chocolate 3D printing! They don’t use molds: by using 3D printers, they can create any shape the client is looking for, being more creative and experimenting more, adapting to any need or request. Moreover, this new method also allows the shop to keep the prizes down!


The shop has five 3D printers certified by ASFCA and based its production on researches conducted by Smart Gastronomy Lab. The printers have been modified to work with the unusual material, and the chefs can use all different types of chocolate (dark, white…) and from different producers; this process is ideal for small orders and productions and it is very quick to create the prototypes needed.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more simple, the shop can also engrave with laser a personal message or a logo on your sweets, ideal for parties or for special events.

Chocolate is, probably, one of the best pleasures in life and enjoying it is always satisfying, both by yourself or sharing it with other people; la Miam Factory brings it to another level, accentuating its wonders and bringing it a little bit closer to a new form of art!