Belgium in the UN Security Council

From January 1st 2019 onwards, Belgium will begin its two-year term in the United Nations Security Council. On the eve of the start of this mandate, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders underscores the importance of this responsibility, which the international community entrusted to our country. Minister Reynders renews the commitment of Belgium to be a constructive, open and trustworthy partner in the pursuit of collective answers to international issues of peace of security, in cooperation with the other members of the Security Council and all other stakeholders.


Didier Reynders


In line with the United Nations Charter, our country will act in the name of the whole international community. While the pressure on the post-war mechanisms of international cooperation is also felt in the dynamics within the Security Council itself, Belgium is committed to embody the multilateral vision which inspires its foreign policy since the end of the second world war. During its mandate, our country will remain true to the spirit of dialogue which guided its entire campaign and strive to bring to value, in a pragmatic way, its traditional conciliatory role translated in the motto “Building consensus, acting for peace”.

Belgium will seek to contribute substantially to debates on all important global questions that will come to the attention of the Security Council, with emphasis on a number of points, reflecting our values and expertise. This mandate falls indeed within the broader framework of the international action of Belgium, which displays in particular a strong human rights profile and a strong commitment to its European dimension. Our country will also make sure to bring forward actions integrating in a coherent manner the tools of Diplomacy, Development cooperation and Defense, in line with its efforts for a “comprehensive approach”.



Besides the specific tasks divided among the members of the Council, Belgium will continue to devote particular attention to a number of themes on which it has a longstanding track record and which it promoted all along its campaign. These can be brought under the keywords of prevention, protection and performance.

Prevention first, with the objective to address preoccupying situations before they degenerate into international conflicts. The promotion of mediation, attention for the threats which climate change can constitute for peace and security or the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction all fall under this header.

Protection, because international security depends on the security of each individual. Our country will strive in particular to keep the protection of children in armed conflicts, the access to humanitarian aid and the fight against impunity high on the agenda.



Lastly, performance. A performant operational management of United Nations missions is indeed critical. Our country supports moreover the UN Secretary General’s reform agenda, including his Action for peacekeeping. The pursuit of better results should also be reflected in a larger involvement of women, at the political as well as operational level.