Fun Fact: the Longest Tram Line in the World Is on the Belgian Coast

The Kusttram will take you to 68 stops along the Belgian coast.

Although Belgium is not a huge country, and its coast not the biggest, it is surely one of the most accessible if your aim is to have a look at the many places it has to offer. The Kusttram is indeed one of the most interesting and unique tourist attractions you can find in the country.

This tram, set up in 1885, allows you to travel across the entirety of the Belgian coast. From La Panne (near the French border) to Knokke-Heist (near the Dutch border). The 67-kilometre line crosses both sides of the Belgian coast in 2 hours and 21 minutes. If not considering “tram-train” lines, then the Kusttram is the longest tram line in the World.

When created in the 19th century, the line only covered a few kilometres: from Ostende-Middelkerke to Nieuport. But the SNCV, which used to be in charge of the operation of the tram line, made many works in the first half of the 20th century which enabled millions of people to travel to each costal city easily; more than 15 million people use it every year (60,000 users per day in summer).

So although tourism comes to mind when thinking of the tram, the coastal inhabitants use this tram on a daily basis. A tram stops at each station every 10 or 20 minutes (depending on the time and the calendar), so should you work in another city, taking the tram will not only avoid the traffic, it will give you a serene sight for your morning and evening commutes.

For the city-dwelling Brusselians, it will offer you a unique opportunity to soak in some spectacular and magnificent views of the Belgian landscape and visit some less frequented cities along the way (such as Oostende or Le Coq).

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De Lijn, which today operates the line, offers one or two day tickets; with the opportunity to purchase combined tickets, getting visits to museums along the journey.