Brussels Airport opens a new route to China

China’s Hainan Airlines will open a third line between Brussels and China announced Brussels Airport on Twitter. Hainan Airlines offers two weekly flights to Shenzen, in addition to existing routes to Beijing and Shanghai.

Hainan Airlines has been present at Brussels Airport for more than 10 years now and in the peak season provides a daily direct route between Beijing and Brussels Airport. After a memorandum of understanding was signed in Beijing last November, Hainan Airlines has now obtained the necessary slots at both airports to offer nonstop flights between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Brussels Airport as well. “Since we started with our route from Beijing to Brussels in 2006, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to enjoy the universally-praised service that Hainan Airlines offers between Belgium and China,” explains Huo Wei, Vice President of Hainan Airlines. “Business and leisure trips between Belgium and China have already grown enormously in recent years, and our new offer of direct flights between Shanghai and Brussels will only accelerate this expansion.”