Brussels, capital of the short films

The Belgian capital will host the 20th edition of the Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF) from 27 April to 7 May. We promise you won’t get bored over the coming days!

Politics, especially the French elections, have been being at the top of the agenda over the last weeks. It will still be there, as the second round will take place in two weeks. Should you be fed up with that, and you need to escape, you are pretty lucky! The festivals are indeed still ongoing in Belgium, and you will have the chance to watch many short films to go from the real World to fiction!

During the BSFF, as every year, many new films will be released. Getting 20 years is however something special, and this is why the festival has set up special events and activities this year.

It is first of all of course about movies. More than 300 movies will be on race in different contests: the international competition, the national competition and next generation. It then provides dozens of authors with the opportunity to show their movies to a large audience. The BSFF will also host best of nights, with the best movies over the last 20 years, as well as some open air films will be released for free in Mont des Arts.

Besides movies, the Brussels Short Film Festival will also allow you to have a significant insight into cinema and especially into the short films. Claude Barras, who got The César Award for Best Animated Film in 2017, will host a conference on 5 May to talk about his job. A workshop on dubbing will offer you the chance to know more about the programmes and how to make good dubbings.

From Bozar to Flagey, from Cinéma Vendôme to Chapiteaux (Fernand Cocq), several key places in Brussels will host events. The BSFF will even not be over after 7 May, as it will be on tour in Wallonia (Charleroi, Namur, Mons, Tournai etc.) later.

Should you need information on the movies, the schedule and the price,  have a look at the BSFF website.