Brussels Food Fest: Where Discerning Tastes Prevail

The 4th Brussels Food Festival will be taking place this Sunday the 11th of June, in front of the Cultural Center of Auderghem.

Brussel’s food fest is the city’s premier Natural – Bio food festival. With just a handful of hand-picked restaurants and products, the festival guarantees a degree of quality that more commercialized food festivals forego in favor of marketable names. That’s not to say some well known establishments won’t be there, quite to the contrary, it’s just that they are there because of their inherent quality.

This festival is unique for its intimate and positive vibe, where producers, chefs and patrons interact freely. Chef’s regularly give cooking demonstrations, and sampling is encouraged. It’s guilt-free eating at its best and an opportunity to enjoy Brussels’ healthiest fare. No other festival in Belgium captures the joy of food better than Brussels Food Fest.

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Around 50 local producers and restaurants will be present, and Mohammed Ahripou of Man Nattura, the non-profit who run the Brussels Food Festival, estimates anywhere between 3-4000 visitors this weekend.

Bring your curiosity and an empty stomach for a laid back experience like none other!


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