Brussels’ Little Asia Part IX – Summer Rolls at ‘Knees to Chin’

What’s the difference between summer and spring rolls? – The first ones you eat in summer, the latter ones in spring. That’s not true, actually. Spring rolls are the fried and crispy ones, which you can burn your tongue with quite easily. Summer rolls are those that are a bit transparent and a bit wobbly, filled with fresh greens, tofu, shrimps, you name it.

Trying ‘Knees to Chin’ was on my list for a while already, but there somehow never was the opportunity to go. This Saturday then, after an extensive walk through Chatelain with my sister Anna, we decided a little snack before dinner wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The place isn’t too big but also not too small, with wooden benches and simple sooden tables taking up the space of the whole room. A nicely looking counter and a blackboard with the daily options. There’s around 5-7 different summer rolls and a few side dishes, like wakame salad, edamame beans or coconut soup. I tried the soup and it’s nice, but you don’t miss anything if you skip it. The summer rolls on the other hand are delicious. Anna had the one with tofu, caramelised onions and apple, while I tried the one with minced chicken, pears, fried shallots and mint and the “NEW” one with seaweed and wasabi mayo. Once we sat down, one of the nice waitresses brought us the summer rolls – that were way bigger than what’s normally served elsewhere – along with 5 different sauces, each one being recommended for one kind of summer roll: lemongrass, hoisin, peanut, soy sauce and another one I don’t remember. The summer rolls were great, very fresh ingredients, all crispy and tasteful and I liked the choice of rolls, too. Some meat options, some without and all of the fillings are quite creative.

Knees to chin

You get your food fast, so it’s a good spot for a quick in-between meal, but don’t hesitate to linger around for longer – that’s fine, too. Or, for the lazy ones, order online and get it delivered to your doorstep!

Good to know:
There’s two places, one just off rue Bailly and one on rue de Flandre.
Prices: 3,90€ for a summer roll, around 3-4€ for side dishes