Brussels photographers – Meet Zahra Müller

Zahra Müller was born in Vienna, Austria but she proudly underlines her Palestinian roots.

Before moving to Brussels for work in May 2015, she lived in multiple cities around the world –  Vienna, Geneva, Ankara, Jordan and Luxembourg.

About Brussels she says: “I can honestly say that Brussels is by far one of the best places I have lived in. I have had the pleasure of meeting different people both for work and privately as well. The best part about living in Brussels though is that it seems like someone always seems to pass through, meaning you’ll always reconnect with old friends at some point in your stay”. 

“I have always been interested in photography, but only properly started after I graduated high school in 2012 and ended up loving it. I’ll be honest, it’s my only hobby and I am extremely glad people are enjoying it. Brussels itself definitely gives me a lot of my content that you see on my Instagram feed, it indeed never gets boring”.