Circular economy in Brussels: the first bread made with brewer’s spent grain

The BruXSels is the first Brussels bread made with brewer’s spent grain. The idea was launched by La Wetterenoise, a bakery located in Forest. To make the BruXSels bread dough, La Wetterenoise uses the by-products from the beer brewing process at the Brussels Beer Project.

A good example of circular economy in Belgium.



“The Brussels Beer Project uses fermented bread to make beer. I reuse their waste to make bread again. The loop is complete and everything remains on Brussels,” says Charly Löwy, the creator of BruXsels and director of La Wetterenoise.


Some specifics about the BruXSels

The secret lies in its texture and taste, said Charly Löwy.

“It’s a new taste. And it feels different when you chew as well. The BruXsels is healthy because it contains a lot of protein and fiber. It goes well with either salty or sweet.”