Fernand Obb Delicatessen: Winner of the Brussels best prawn croquette contest

On Monday, 22 October the first Brussels contest took place featuring that tiny queen of Belgian culinary heritage: the famous prawn croquette. After a blind taste test, the panel made up of culinary journalists and headed by Mr. Pierre Wynants reached a verdict and recognised Fernand Obb Delicatessen.

La Quincaillerie, Ma Folle de Soeur, François, LeTodt’s Café, Le Belga Queen, Toucan Brasserie, l’Atelier de Willy, La Guinguette en Ville and La Brasserie de la Gare, for their part, appear in the top 10.

A call for applicants was issued during the month of September via social media. To be eligible to participate in the contest, participants had to meet the following criteria: have a restaurant, cafeteria, counter, or food truck operating and located in the Brussels-Capital Region and offer house-made croquettes on their menu.


prawn croquette


20 establishments signed up: L’Atelier de Willy, Le Belga Queen, La Brasserie de la Gare, Le Callens Café, Chez Léon, Chez Soje, Fernand Obb Delicatessen, La Guinguette en Ville, Joe’s Restaurant, Ma Folle de Sœur, La Manufacture, Le Moulin de Lindekemale, Peï & Meï, Le Pré Salé, La Quincaillerie, Restaurant François, Restaurant Vincent, Restobières, Todt’s Café, and Toucan Brasserie.

They rose to the challenge and matched their talents in crafting this delicious and authentic Belgian dish. They took over the kitchens of “Comme chez soi” in order to make their versions of prawn croquettes.

The panel of culinary journalists used a rating grid to rank the products they sampled. Points were allocated according to several criteria like crunchiness, taste, and prawn quality.

Fernand Obb Delicatessen, will be able to use the title “Brussels’ best prawn croquettes” for a full year after the results are announced.