Flixbus launches domestic connections in Belgium

Starting in April 2018, FlixBus will launch its first national bus routes in Belgium. 

By connecting Brussels and Antwerp, Liège and Ostend or Leuven and Ghent, FlixBus becomes the first private operator to provide long-distance domestic liaisons.

FlixBus was able to establish Europe’s largest intercity bus network in the shortest amount of time. This German low-cost bus company arrived in Belgium in 2015 and currently offers 21 international connections. The Brussels-Amsterdam and Brussels-Paris lines are the most popular.

A connection between Brussels and Antwerp is already available and starting in April twenty different routes will connect ten Belgian cities.

The new lines

Bruges-Brussels, Antwerp-Bruges, Liège-Brussels, Verviers-Liège, Verviers-Antwerp and Ghent-Liège at prices ranging from 3,99€ to 5,99€. The frequencies will progressively increase or decrease according to the success of the different lines.

In addition, new international connections to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland will be also available starting in April 2018.