From street art to tattoo parlors, to skate and roller parks: Urban Culture Guide is launching the second edition of the ‘Urban Culture Guide’. The guide will totally immerse you in Brussels’ urban culture. From street art to tattoo parlours, and skate and roller parks, the guide offers a collection of great addresses for fans of urban art. launched the first edition of the ‘Urban Culture Guide’ a little over a year ago. The rationale for this guide is the growing interest demonstrated by tourists as well as Brussels residents in the many aspects of urban culture.

Urbana Asbl, in association with selected a series of original places for the aficionados of urban culture. Great addresses for fans of skating to hip hop venues, as well as the most iconic artistic creations Brussels street art has to offer.

brussels street art

This year marks the publication of the second edition of the guide. Since street art is constantly evolving, the contents have been updated and enhanced with new work on display in the capital. This includes the street art murals created during the year of the MIXITY theme to promote diversity in the capital. New businesses (tattoo parlours, vinyl shops, street wear, etc.) have also been added.


tattoo sign

The ‘Urban Culture Guide’ was created with the support of Minister Rachid Madrane, responsible for Promoting Brussels at the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, which has actively supported the promotion of ‘Culture 2.0’ in Brussels since 2016.

“In recent years, interest in urban culture has increased considerably. The Urban Culture Guide is not only a fantastic promotional tool for ‘Culture 2.0’, which is expanding rapidly in Brussels, it also allows Brussels residents and tourists alike to discover our capital from this new angle”, emphasizes Minister Rachid Madrane. is developing the ‘Culture 2.0’ theme in order to diversify the Brussels tourism landscape and to showcase this new cultural product.

The guide is available in three languages and costs €2.5 from welcome offices.