Green Spaces Service distributes free flower seeds to people in Brussels

The Green Spaces Service is now distributing flower seeds free of charge to residents and collectives in the City of Brussels.

The seeds can be collected at Quai des Usines 97, 1000 Brussels, after making an appointment by phone (0800 14 477) or email (

It is important to note that the seeds are only available in bulk, so be sure to bring a suitable box or bag. If you want advice on how to use the seed, feel free to ask the Green Spaces Service.

Promoting biodiversity

The seed is a mixture of ten flower species, specially selected to promote biodiversity. Among other flower types, it includes daisy, buttonweed, and marjoram.

On Saturday 11 May 2019, the service will also be distributing flower seeds at various greenhouses across the City of Sterrebeek.