HUNGastRY – a colorful sense of Hungarian culture

Have you ever tried a traditionally prepared ’Goulash? Orrr… ’’Porkolt’’(meat stew), ’’Halaszle’’(fisherman’s soup) and the Transylvanian sweet spiral bread ’’Kurtoskalacs’’?

These are just a few famous dishes of Hungarian cuisine that are waiting for you this weekend (8th and 9th of September) at Parc du Cinquantenaire, which is hosting HUNGastRY, a festival of Hungarian gastronomy, but also history, art and crafts. Dozens of people revel in the concerts, exhibitions, games, workshops, projections and the interactive program today.

Hungastry 2


HUNGastRY offers an entertainment for young and adults, a cultural celebration for natives and people who want to learn more about the Central European country. It is also a reminder how fascinating the Hungarian crafts are – the vivid embroidery, porcelains, handmade woolen slippers and bags.

The vibrant atmosphere continues tomorrow from 10:00 till 22:00, with Szabola ROKA(program for kids), INVERSEDANCE (the enchanted book), Cirkusz-Ka(jazz-folk), Indigo (jazz), Kbamoro(folk), Ed Philips & Memphis Patrol (rockabilly) and The Carbonfools (electronic pop) on the main stage.


Hungastry 1


Don’t forget to take part in one of the workshops, folk dances and take a photo with a “hussar”.


Hungastry 4


HUNGastRY – a great way to get a taste of the country before visiting!