In the (veggie) box – Brussels’s wonderful offer on organic vegetable boxes

Did you know that Brussels has a wonderful offer on organic vegetable and fruit boxes that can be ordered into your office or home to make your busy lives just that bit easier?

We are so lucky in Brussels to have plenty of schemes out there to choose from: most of the schemes cater for single person households or larger families; people looking for only veg or a fruit and veg mix; and pick-up locations all around the city (and a few that deliver to your door).


Here’s five reasons why I think veggie boxes rock:


1)   It’s seasonal, fresh and usually very local – this is less food miles/kilometers and better for you and the planet


2)   Organisations worth supporting – veggie box schemes are run by bunches of lovely people committed to their cause of providing good quality food – we can’t say that about every supermarket!


3)   Community – they are delivered close to home or the office and often we get a chance to meet like minded people where we pick them up…


4)   Variety is the spice of life! If we always go to the same shops at the same moment of the week we are most likely to continue to pick up the same ingredients. Letting someone else choose helps us to add that bit of variety…


5)   They spark our creativity! I so often hear people saying they have no time to be creative (i.e. no time to paint!) – but cooking is one of the best creative activities that we can do every day, and we can eat the results. Winner.

Getting a celeriac or Jerusalem artichokes in the box forces us into finding new recipes or to make them up



Here’s a few suppliers in Brussels…

or through a local collective buying group (GASAP)