La Trinquette – A glass of wine among friends

La Trinquette is not far from Chatelain and very close to St Gilles, but somehow a bit hidden amidst the crossing tram paths at Janson. A nice and homey wine bar that makes you feel as if you’re sitting on a couch at home, with a nice glass of Grenache some saucisson and a piece of good French cheese. Trinquer means to clink glasses and here at La Trinquette it mainly means a lot of fun, good wines and little bites to snack on.

Henri, the owner, moved to Belgium five years ago. He moved from France, where his father is a vigneron (someone who produces wine) and where most of his family is working with wine. He’s quite a character and you’ll want to become friends with him immediately.

When you step inside of La Trinquette, there’s several seating options to consider. Either you sit right at the long bar – decorated with plants, glasses and industrial lamps – where you’ll be facing Henri and his crew, who are always up for a good laugh and some French humour. The other option is to find a romantic corner somewhere in the back at one of the rustic wooden tables, surrounded by decorative, antique gimmicks. There’s even an old piano and some paintings in the open room at the back of the bar, which is great for big groups. If you’re more of a ‘see and to be seen mood’, you can also sit on one of the bar stools around a big wooden barrel. It serves as a table for your numerous glasses of wine – because you will most probably want to try all of the different ones.



What’s special about this bar? It’s the atmosphere, the people and of course, the wines and the food. The wines and the food produce all come from Languedoc, a region in the South of France. Wines are usually made from  Syrah, Carignan, Grenache, Bourboulenc, Mourvèdre, but the list of grapes from Languedoc is long. You can get them by bottle or by glass and Henri is more than happy to talk you through the selection. Not only are the wines from Languedoc, but also the rillettes, the sausages, the ham, olives and cheese and everything is fresh and of the highest quality. Sometimes they also serve Croque Monsieur or Mont d’Or, the highly addictive low cholesterol – just joking – melted cheese that is eaten by using a piece of baguette as a spoon. Nights can get long here so fuel yourself up with some French food!



Keep your eyes open for any special events that are often taking place at La Trinquette. They’re usually announced on Facebook and Instagram and involve Oysters, Beaujolais Languedoc-style or other special treats that make everyone’s heart who likes food and wine beat faster.

You like your wine cold? They also have seats outside. Follow them on Instagram to hear about upcoming events: @latrinquettebruxelles / @lescanonsderiton

Price: A glass of wine 5-7€, cheese and charcuterie 7-12€

Address: Rue de l’Aqueduc Rue de l’Aqueduc, 1060 Saint-Gilles