Le Tournant – Perfect Belgian food and natural wines

If you want to eat the best steak tartare you’ve ever had or want to explore the world of natural wines, then Le Tournant is the place for you.

The restaurant recently got refurbished and gained even more charm than it had before. In a cosy Brasserie-setting you can enjoy various stews, homemade terrines and foie gras while washing it down with great natural wines or with a beer if you’re coming for the fair-priced and delicious lunch.

Denis, the chef and owner of the restaurant, is keen for a chat about his visions and sources of inspiration, as well as his views on natural wines. The restaurant has existed for quite some time now and has always been the go-to place for people who want proper, non-pretentious and well-portioned food. The food is rather on the heavy side of things, made from good and fresh produce.



When you come to Le Tournant you know what you’re getting. Tried the juicy, perfectly seasoned, hand-cut beef tartare with mushrooms once? It will be the same, or better, the second, third and fourth time you come here.

The menu is frequently changing, but the highlights are definitely the homemade foie gras, the terrines, the Nomande Entrecôte and the various stews from duck or beef. The beef cheek stew is cooked in beer for many hours, which makes it perfectly soft and tender and gives it the flawless flavor to go along with some roasted vegetables. The desserts are also not something you should say ‘no’ to. Their sorbets are truly an experience with tastes like white cheese and orange blossom water that goes perfectly with the pear and apple crumble it’s served with.



Another important detail at Le Tournant is the wine. The wine selection is diverse, all being biodynamic or natural wines from mostly France, but you’ll also find a few bottles from Italy and other countries. What’s important, is that all wines accompanying your meal are chosen carefully with a lot of thoughts behind it. Each of your delicious dishes can be matched with a white or red wine, along with some explanations by the very nice waitresses and waiters.



Good to know as well is that they open during lunch time on Monday-Wednesday and Saturday if you’re a group bigger than 15 people. You prefer eating at home? They also have a catering service.

Price: Starters around 10-18€, mains around 19.50-24€, wine bottles vary but are fairly prices and of great quality

Address: Chaussée de Wavre 168, 1050 Ixelles