Paco Servy Group

The Marni Jazz Festival is already almost over: started on Thursday 7th, it will end today with the last, great groups. This year the event is at its fourteenth edition and it is focused particularly on drums and drummers. It has hosted emerging artists, who just recently started performing or, as for example KEM, who performed for the very first time at the festival! The aim was presenting drums and drummers under a new light, enhancing their musical role and underlining their importance in musical compositions. It presented a rich variety of guests, who explored the different genres and artistic applications of drums, offering a new perspective on them.


Among the many talented artists, there is Paco Servy Group, who will play in tonight’s show from 20:15. Paco Servy was born in Ivory Coast in 1956 and since he was very young, he knew that his future was tightly connected with music. He has quickly become a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist, gifted for rhythm and groove. During his 50 years of activity, he has shared stages the world over with Nina Simone, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter, Salif Keita, Marvin Gaye, to name but a few.

According to Paco, playing music -and especially drums- has allowed him to cross racial and political barriers, sharing a universal language. Whether he’s speaking or playing, there’s always rhythm, the rhythm of his Africa, ancestral and modern, that pulses in his veins. For the last concert of the festival, Paco has prepared an energetic show, rich in influences and musical styles. Get ready to be marveled by rhythm, dynamism, funk, jazz, hip hop and R&B, all in one night!