Smart Mobility Planner: An app that will make your commute so much easier

The four main Belgian public transport companies SNCB, Stib, Tec and De Lijn have launched Belgium’s first ever integrated route planning application. The “Smart Mobility Planner” app integrates commuters’ data in real time, and suggests the best route by selecting among a variety of different ‘green’ modes of transportation.

A first version of the app was tested by some 3,800 people, whose suggested improvements were taken into account in creating the second, current version, which is now accessible to all.




On the app, a commuter can select the best route to a chosen destination by public transport (train, tram, bus, metro), in combination with – or by comparison to – a walk or a bike ride. Shared bikes from Villo! are also included as potential journey options on the app.

Ultimately, the goal is to add other means of transport, such as other shared bicycles and shared cars: such additions are expected to be made to the app by the end of the year.