STIB might need to replace more than 40% of its tram tracks


The STIB needs urgently to replace 120 kilometres of tram tracks, the DH newspaper reported this Tuesday. This amounts to 43% of Brussels’ existing tram network.

According to the report, this point was raised on Monday evening during a meeting of the company’s board of directors. “The STIB notes a structural and accelerated deterioration of tram lines as well as an increasing number of incidents affecting service and operational safety,” says a note presented to the Board of Directors.

The note also stresses the urgency of the present situation: “In the absence of structural corrective measures, these factors could lead to a decrease in the level of service offered on the tram network, which would then become unacceptable both in terms of availability and operational safety.”

The STIB’s trams are today being used much more frequently than they used to be. Between 2007 and 2022, the number of kilometres travelled by its trams will have increased by almost 30%, says the DH. The number of track breaks is also on the rise. This could lead, in turn, to serious accidents in the near future.

STIB spokeswoman Françoise Ledune noted, “We have a tram track maintenance programme and we stick to it. There is nothing new about this. We replace 15 to 20 kilometres of rails per year and everything has been planned, so there are no surprises.”