Pop Pot chantier – Dinners from friends for friends

Alessandra, Giampietro and Pauline are three friends, who made their dream come true. A series of pop up dinners, usually once a month, where the three cook and entertain their guests.

The concept is simple, Alessandra and Pauline cook, Giampietro is responsible for the wine selection. The dinners used to take place on Mondays, but as they grew more and more popular now POP POT happens on Fridays.



I tried to attend the event for over a year, but somehow there was always something else or I wasn’t in Brussels on weekends. Finally, two weeks ago, I managed to go and apparently it was the right choice, because there was big news to be announced. The three finally found a kitchen which they from now on will rent permanently to cook for their events, but also to offer catering on a frequent basis. This wasn’t the only highlight. The event took place on the 27th floor of a half empty building close to Gare du Nord that fascinated me with its unfinished ceilings, floors and its rawness. It almost could’ve been the location for a secret techno party with its concrete walls and the amazing 360-view over Brussels – the perfect spot to watch the sunset or sunrise.


Pop Pot – By Kaja Hengstenberg


Pop Pot – By Kaja Hengstenberg

A long table, accommodating 80 people, and benches crossed the whole room. Opposite was a bar and tables with the dishes for the Aperitivo, to go with the Lillet with fresh raspberries that was handed out at the bar. It was all simple dishes, but made with passion and heart, such as a ruccola salad, figs and Mozzarella, a tarte tatin from tomatoes, Caponata from aubergine and pepper and other small snacks. The mains were red rice with apricots, baked with Mozzarella and tomatoes and Sea bass with roasted vegetables. The dessert was a Stracciatella mousse with ricotta, orange blossom and fresh figs and everything was accompanied by a very delicious white and a red wine, both from Italy.



You shouldn’t expect 3-star haute cuisine when attending one of the POP POT dinners, but what you’ll get is home-cooked food from fresh and delicious ingredients, prepared with heart and soul. You’ll meet new people, you’ll get to know the story of the three organizers and you’ll spend a very nice evening with good wine. Come alone, bring your better half or all your friends, everything goes!


View from Pop Pot – By Kaja Hengstenberg



Price: 35€ for a dinner, all drinks included

Their next dinner will be in mid-October

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