The biggest Halloween event in Belgium

All Hallows Eve, which later came to be known as Halloween, has evolved to be considered an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31. It is a day of several activities starting from carvin jack-o-lanterns, decorating houses, and most importantly putting on costumes and trick-or-treating.

As everywhere else around Europe and the US, there are different activities, festivals and events you could join.

If you haven’t yet made any plans, Walabi — an amusement park — has organized one of the biggest Halloween events in Belgium.

Hallowen Walabi consists of 8 haunted houses, 7 scare zones, 4 shows and 8 nocturnes.



Check them out for yourself. Do they seem spooky enough?

8 haunted houses

  • Black rose
  • Bloc H
  • Mine Blast
  • Lumberjack
  • Quarantine
  • Panic Hourse 4D
  • Blood Bar
  • Mini Monster Maze


7 scare zones

Each scare zone is decorated around a specific-scary theme. Be aware of tombstones and graves, skeletons, witches, zombies and contamination. Do you think you can escape and make it out on time?

  • Gaz Town
  • District H
  • The Circus
  • Metamorphobia
  • Quarantine Zone
  • Cemetery
  • Phantom Land

ENJOY THE DAY… (Between 10am and 6pm) and … FEAR THE NIGHT (From 6pm) by purchasing tickets here.

But keep in mind that the Halloween Nocturnes are not recommended for sensitive souls!


Halloween for children

If you thought about visiting the park with your whole family, there is no need to worry as families with small children can also enjoy the events until 5pm without getting too frightened. The youngest can face hidden dangers and small fears in specially created zones.

What’s more is that children can also obtain an Anti-Monster Badge. If you show this badge to the monsters in the park, you’ll be amazed by its power to scare them away. How awesome is that?



Check out all the other possibilities and plan your day/night. Halloween Walibi theme is ongoing until 4 November.