Just take 10 minutes away from your desk

Ever felt that you just need ten minutes out? Ten minutes away from the desk, the computer, the deadlines? Ten minutes to do something for you?

I think it happens to most of us, fairly regularly – however, even though it is not a long time, it is often hard to ‘allow’ ourselves to take 10 minutes out.

Why not get up now, move away and take 10 minutes to do something else? Go on! When you come back you will most likely feel rejuvenated and fresh, have a bigger smile on your face and maybe be able to do what you were doing even better.




Here’s ten ideas for taking 10!

1) First on the list is inspired by a friend who takes her colleagues out for a 10 minute ‘sun walk’ at lunchtime when the sun has dared to come through the Brussels clouds. Exercise, vitamin D and a chance to chat about other things with colleagues… win, win, win!!

2) On a rainy day, you can try putting some music on (or headphones) and having a dance! Okay this may not be possible in a busy open plan office (unless of course you can convince your colleagues – flashmob style!).

3) If that seems a bit energetic, even some stretches can make a difference – a few salutes to the sun if you’re familiar with yoga or just some simple stretches.

4) If something calmer is what you need and you have a computer near by, then check out Andy Puddicombe on TED… he may inspire you to do no. 5 tomorrow.. or learn how to juggle.

5) Get some headspace – meditation – 10 minutes a day to a clearer mind and better sleep and…. Get a 10 day free programme here.



6) Make a gratitude list – try making a list of 10 things you are really grateful for. We so often focus on the things that are wrong or we want to change, so taking time to list 10 things in your life that are really great can be pretty refreshing… its amazing the effect this can have! And why stop at 10… just keep on going!

7) Laugh – if you don’t have a great comedian sitting next to you, then try finding some of your favourite comedians on-line. Even better watch with a few colleagues – a group laugh is even better.

8) Draw – take a blank sheet of paper and draw whatever comes to mind – doodle away… no thinking.

9) Music – the power of music is unquestioned. Try putting a piece of classical music on and closing your eyes for a while.

10) Just take an air break – why do the smokers go outside for a break while the non-smokers stay stuck in the office… choose a nice spot not too close to the smokers and go outside just to breathe and change the air or have a chat with a colleague. Guaranteed your brain will feel less foggy afterwards.


Go on. Just take 10.