The public votes for the best beer in Saint Géry

In recent months, 7 beers of character have been brewed in Halles Saint-Géry, and this Sunday October 7th, all of them will compete. What kind of competition? The public will taste and vote. As simple and refreshing as that.

Each of the 6 bars of the Square (The Zebra, The Mappa Mundo,The King of the Belgians, Le Belmonte, Le Palace and Le Café des Halles), will offer one of the 7 beers brewed.

The victorious beer will be officially elected the “Saint-Géry” beer.



Since 1635, beer has been brewed in this historic place in Brussels. More than 7 breweries were established, some which were: De Fortuyne, De Sterre, Den Gulden Kemel (Den Kemel), Den Bril, Den Spiegel (Spiegel Brugge) Den Bael, De Roode Poorte, Drij Coppen (Trois Têtes, Trois Coupes).

This Sunday, October 7th: you taste, you vote!