When a Liège native ended up in Buckingham Palace

Do you know the Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a breed of dog from Wales? These small canines (25 to 30 cm high), with their white and red hair and fox-like heads, are the favourite dogs of Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned around 30 of them since a corgi named Susan was given to her for her 18th birthday in 1944.

This long story of friendship has inspired an animated 3D film by Belgian director Ben Stassen. After studying political sciences in Belgium, he turned his attention to cinema, studying at the University of Southern California. When he returned home in 1994, he set up Wave Pictures, a company producing successful films using digital special effects. His first feature-length film which was made entirely in 3D, Fly Me To the Moon, was released in Europe in 2008, and then in North America.

His latest work “Royal Corgi”, which is currently doing the rounds in cinemas, tells the story of the fortunes and misfortunes of the British sovereign’s favourite dog. Having reached lofty heights, Rex falls from grace following a monumental blunder during a state visit by the President of the United States. His days of royal splendour are over. Rex is temporarily forced to run away, and finds out all about the hard-knock rules of the streets. But he is determined to regain his status as Her Majesty’s favourite dog.