World Cup 2018: Belgium vs. Tunisia

The Red Devils will play against Tunisia tomorrow for the second game of the 2018 World Cup. After a first victory, it is time to confirm the astounding first result.

Although the first game vs. Panama gave Belgium a 3-0 victory it can use for its qualification hopes for the ‘Round of 16’, there is still much to do.

The first game indeed highlighted the very good potential of the Belgian scorers. Mertens scored a very impressive goal and this big victory was needed to make Eden Hazard’s mates confident ahead of the competition. But that game was not as easy as it seemed, as the cooperation between Lukaku and his mates was not that good during the first half (it was however corrected later). And although Belgium is surely was one of the most interesting challengers this year, no victory would be very disappointing.


And Tunisia should not be an easy business. The Tunisians have indeed given serious problems to the Brits on Monday, with Harry Kane, one of the stars of the World Cup, scoring both game goals to push them to a 2-1 victory.

Even if the issue of confidence makes that game important, this is not the end of the story. A victory is indeed essential with regard to the ranking, as no success means Belgium could be ranked 2nd of the qualifying round. In that case, Belgium would indeed play the 1st ranked team of the ‘F group’ in the next round, while the Red Devils would play the 2nd one if they appear in the first position. It might be a tactical calculation, but it is better not to play vs. the best team of a qualifying round.

You’re actually quite lucky. Contrary to the first game vs. Panama, this one will be held on Saturday at 2.00 pm. You then can pick a place before and pop down there with a drink. It will be time to stand up for Belgium.