Alternative farming festival

Farming, sustainability and the importance of healthy food are topics of growing importance, since society is becoming more and more aware of the necessity of adopting more eco-friendly solutions for both food production and consumption. Nonetheless, it is often hard to know what the main stakes are at a local or a global level or to gather enough information on the opportunities available around us.

This need is precisely what inspired the creation of the Festival Alimenterre, started nine years ago and organized both around Wallonia and in Brussels.

The goal of the event, created by SOS Faim Belgique, is to raise awareness about the stakes and the possible solutions to make food chain and farming more fair and sustainable. The festival will stop in Brussels from the 12th to the 15th of  October at Cinéma Galleries.

The visitors will have the opportunity to watch movies on sustainability and on the disasters of capitalistic way of producing food, and they will be able to attend debates and workshops with food experts from all over the World. The events will be an interesting opportunity to approach the topic, especially if the visitor is still not familiar with it. On the 12th, for example, the documentary “SEEDS” will analyse the history of the grains production and how it has been affected by the development of the food industry and of private companies.

On the other hand, on the 15th the event “Do it yourself” will explain some handy tricks on how to use food at its best, without wasting anything, on how to reduce waste and on how to grow champignons in the house.

The Festival Alimenterre will surely offer a new perspective on the food world, giving a broader picture of what it means producing and consuming while limiting our impact on the planet.