Belgian food exports hit record high

Never before did the Belgian food industry record greater sales abroad than in 2018. Hardly surprising, when you consider that in Belgium the quality of the products comes first.

Chocolate traditionally continues to do well, but our frozen potatoes and vegetables, along with meat and dairy, are also in great demand internationally. Exports rose by no less than 3.5% in 2018 compared to 2017, a historic record. On a national level, it boasts a turnover of more than 27 billion euros. This was announced by Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food industry.




Neighbouring countries, such as France and Germany, are our largest export markets, but the expansion is particularly noticeable in sales regions further away. Overseas markets such as the US, Canada, China and South Korea grew by as much as 18%.

Flanders accounts for some 82% of the country’s food production. It is the most important industrial sector, responsible for more than a quarter of all industrial companies.