Brussels International Film Festival

In 2018 the longest days of the year will be wedded to nights of cinematographic gala in Brussels. From the 20th until the 30th of June, 2018, the Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF) will take place at Bozar, Flagey, Cinema UGC, Cinema Vendome, Palace, and Cinema des Galeries. For those longing to stretch their legs under the sky, there will be open-air screenings along the Boulevard Anspach and Mont des Arts.

In its first edition, the BRIFF is being organized by the the founders of the Be Film Festival, which for ten years have promoted Belgian Cinema with the public. The festival is presented by BnP Paribas-Fortis, and will include a National, an International, and a European competition. The National Competition will present some of the best Belgian productions of the year; the European Competition will focus on emerging directors with a unique and distinctive style; and the International Competition will include a selection of films present in the most well-known festivals, accessible for a wider audience.

A guest of honor attending the festival will, in close collaboration with the organizers, have the opportunity to program screenings of their most favorite films. Retrospectives showing important films will also be in store, as well as a schedule of Masterclasses which will open new vistas to professionals and amateurs, offering a chance to learn about specific aspects of film making and screenwriting.

The BRIFF includes also the Brussels Co-Production Forum, which is an initiative that promotes co-productions partnership among Belgian and international producers. The Brussels Co-Production forum has two sections. First section is comprised of 8 international feature film projects looking for Belgian a minority co-producer, while the second section is comprised of 5 Belgian feature film projects looking for a international or Belgian minority co-producer.

Good to know:

  • Tickets can be bought online
  • full program will soon be available