Creativity fuelled by passion

Brussels Express is pleased to give the floor to a fascinating story. Geoffrey McEvoy is a Scottish expat, living in Brussels, who decided to follow his dream career in our city.

VW KR Lamp

I have always been fascinated by cars and bikes, thanks to my father. He used to run a garage in the eighties, mainly working on Jaguar, Lotus and TVR. I was born with a steering wheel in my hands, and petrol in my veins. After spending four years studying architecture at university, I realised that I was not heading towards my dream career. I then turned to business management, directly oriented towards the automotive domain, where I knew I would really thrive. In turn, this led me to work with various classic car restoration companies, and after being had by a greedy boss one time too many, I decided to open my own business, here in Brussels.

I dug up my dusty old school books, and reviewed how to elaborate a business plan. I included various activities for my future business, in order to test them all out and see which one works best. They vary from classic car brokering and servicing to motorcycle building, car detailing and automotive related artwork. To this day, I still enjoy doing a bit of everything. They are very different activities, all revolving around the fascinating world of classic cars and bikes. It is a way for me to make a living through passion. I realise how lucky I am to be able to do so, and how much I enjoy providing these services to all kinds of customers, in and out of Belgium’s capital city. I have ensured to be different from the others who work in the same domain, by providing most of my services at the home of the user, tailor made to their requirements. It makes things much more personal and enjoyable for everyone.

Over the spring and summer months, I service and maintain classic cars. Over the winter, I rebuild engines, customise motorcycles and make automotive artwork. Brokering happens all year round, and that specific service is like a worldwide treasure hunt. It is highly entertaining. When cars and bikes are out and about, so am I, helping to keep these mechanical artworks rolling. When they are not, I am in my workshop, making my own automotive art. It is a job full of passion, love and care.

With an array of classic car parts at hand, I can turn my wildest dreams into reality. Making automotive related artwork is my way of showing the world how unsuspectingly beautiful the intricate parts of a vehicle can be. My studies in architecture are put to good use as well, having developed an eye for appealing proportions and solid structures. I produce every single item with utmost care, and think through every process thoroughly.

These artefacts also allow people to demonstrate their passion in an unconventional, yet stylish manner. My presence on various classic car related events is starting to pay off. Interested and curious people stop by to take a look at the household items that I make. They are quite the attraction, and the public is receptive to my artwork. Usually, there is a guessing game going on, trying to figure out where each part comes from. Then, the discussion evolves to the story of this or that car Dad used to own, or that race car who won thanks to this engine, and so on. People always end up sharing these fascinating topics, it is wonderful.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to set foot into this particular market. Although visitors seem to like the idea of having a coffee table made out of a V12 engine block in their living room, they rarely get the approval from their partner. On the other hand, dealership owners are very fond of these more imposing artefacts. They have the correct environment, and are delighted to have conversations spark up about how brilliantly they have furnished their show room.

Now that a part of the public is aware about what I can do, I am sometimes commissioned to carry out a specific project, based upon the requirements of a customer. The latest one in the pipeline is a coffee table made out of a Maserati engine, this time. One of sixty units ever produced. The other 59 units are scattered about the world, and I am quite certain that this will be the only one to be displayed in someone’s living-room. I am honored to be the one who was asked to make it happen.

Just like when I am entrusted with a highly desirable classic car, or even the most basic one of all, I work with passion, and it is reflected in the result. Customers feel most comfortable with setting me loose under the bonnet of their cherished automobile, or giving me a project that I can also have fun with.

As long as they are happy, so am I.