Discover the Bayehon waterfall in the High Fens region in Wallonia

In Belgium, the word waterfall is synonymous with Coo, located in Stavelot. But if you like the freshness of these places, there is another, less-frequented waterfall located in the High Fens region: the Bayehon waterfall.

The Bayehon is a brook in the High Fens whose source originates next to Botrange. The water there is highly acidic, which explains the lack of fish. Another unique feature of the waterway is its reddish colour from the peat bogs and rocks loaded with iron that it crosses.



Near the village of Longfaye (Malmedy), the 9-metre drop offers an incredibly beautiful waterfall if you have the chance to go after a few days of rainfall. The peat bogs at the stream’s source actually act like sponges, so it takes several days of precipitation for them to overflow and release enough water to feed the waterfall.

A bit of advice: watch the weather a few days before planning your getaway.