Europalia Romania presents the accordian wizard: Ionica Minune Band

Europalia Romania presents to you the accordian wizard, Ionica Minune Band on Friday, November 8 at the Molière Theatre.

Accordion maestro Ionica Minune and his instrumental band unite masters of the violin, cimbalom, piano and contrabass. Their performances are renowned for their unique fusion of rhythm and elegance, joy and depth, and abstract, dream-like qualities while incorporating elements of jazz, Gypsy, classical, and traditional Romanian music.

Ionica Minune, whose real name is Ene Gheorghe, was born into a Romanian Gypsy family. An autodidact child prodigy, Ionică gained musical experience while performing with one of the most famous traditional tarafs in Romania. During the 1990s, he enchanted French audiences with his mix of jazz and traditional sounds, and since then, he has toured in Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and Malaysia. Today, Ionica is one of the most respected accordionists in the world.

  • Ionica Minune : accordion
  • Turturică Cristinel : cimbalom
  • Munteanu Marius : double bass,
  • Feraru Nicolae : guitar
  • Stefan Mihai Louis : violin
  • Alexandru Florin Diaconu : clarinet
  • Mieluta Bibescu : clarinet and  sax
  • Cristea Ninel : violin



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