Go swiftly to and from Brussels Airport thanks to the Brussels Airport Smart City Dashboard

To make the travel experience of its passengers even more pleasant, Brussels Airport and Manyways.be have launched a specially designed smart city dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time detailed information on all traffic to and from the airport to address the specific needs of everyone who travels via Brussels Airport.




Real-time information thanks to Manyways.be

Manyways.be endeavours to make technical mobility data legible for users without any technical knowledge. Thanks to innovative technology developed at the initiative of the federal government, companies and private individuals can now use ground breaking mobility strategies devised by Waylay and MORE LION.

The Brussels Airport smart city dashboard is geared towards both passengers and commuters. The data are mapped in real time and in a comprehensive way on a dashboard via instant visualization and are supplemented with insightful graphs.

The Brussels Airport Smart City Dashboard

The Brussels Airport Smart City Dashboard charts car, train and bus traffic and shows, in real time, how many cars are driving on the Brussels ring road and at what speed, the availability of different parking facilities at the airport, the availability of carpooling to and from the airport and the punctuality of public transport.

Users can get detailed mobility information of a specific place at the click of a button, while mobile users can always situate themselves on a map. The dashboard is accessible via